Lunasea Lighting

Lunasea Lighting introduces two flood lights perfect for use on larger yachts. The 90-watt and 180-watt Lunasea Extreme Beam models are designed to maximize work area light and deliver reliable, efficient performance under the most demanding conditions. The ultra powerful LED lights boast rugged exterior housings machined out of solid marine-grade billet aluminum and hard anodized for corrosion resistance. Compact in size, the lights provide intense bright light. The 90-watt model features a 100-degree beam angle and produces 11,500 lumens; while the 180-watt unit with its 70-degree beam angle doubles that output with 24,000 lumens. The lights have a T4 temperature rating and meet all USCG specifications. MSRP 90/180 watt; $699/$1,399;



Southern Exposure, Nathalie Gouillou, February 2016