Motion Sickness Relieved with Reliefband

An image of the newest reliefband, Reliefband 2.0

Reliefband 2.0

Motion sickness, sea sickness or feeling nauseated takes all the fun out of boating, but as its name reflects, Reliefband 2.0 can relieve those upending feelings. Its clinically proven technology delivers a unique pulse with specific waveforms through a surgical steel contact worn on the wrist. Ten settings allow for a precise level of relief.

MSRP $174.99





Motion Sickness Relief with Reliefband

Worn on your wrist, Reliefband alleviates motion sickness on the waves in minutes, without any side effects. It uses the body’s own neural pathways to cure nausea. The rechargeable band offers fast, drug-free relief.

MSRP $95;


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