Conch-ed Out: Bimini’s Best Conch Salad

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Bimini’s Best Conch Salad

Everyone knows the seafood motto: the fresher, the better. That’s why there’s nothing better than freshly prepared seafood, and at Stuart’s Conch Salad in Bimini, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Owner Fabian Stuart has been serving only the freshest conch and lobster in Bimini for over 30 years. Visit Stuart’s in Bailey Town to unwind in the island cabana with friendly locals and guests alike, and watch Stuart and family whip up the best conch salad you’ll ever have.

You won’t find anything fried at Stuart’s, and the menu consists of only the most essential four items: conch salad, beer, soda, and rum punch. Stuart’s has its own conch nursery just off shore from the stand, and visitors can observe the large ring of empty conch shells (and the piles next door!) that testify to the quality of their menu.

Traditional Bahamian-style conch salad is served with freshly diced tomato, onion, bell pepper, lime, and a little seasoning. If you’re feeling adventurous, try Stuart’s homemade hot sauce, but keep in mind that a little goes a long way. Stuart’s Conch Salad is a must-see (and definitely a must-eat) while in Bimini.

Pull up and relax in the breeze with an ice-cold Kalik and the freshest food in town. You won’t want to miss out on Bimini’s best conch salad!

By Susanna Botkin, Southern Exposure 2016

Bimini's best conch salad
Fabian Stuart prepares his famous conch salad.
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Conch shells piled outside Stuart’s Conch Salad.
Best Conch Salad
Clear water and conch shells.