Storm Anchoring Plan

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Storm Anchoring Plan: Preparation is Key

Images of vessels lost during the recent Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are still fresh in the minds of many. These catastrophic storms galvanize the need to have an anchoring plan in place, even for those whose boats are on inland lakes. Fortress Marine Anchors offers free resources to assist owners in developing the skills needed to keep a boat safely anchored during a storm. Focused more on education than product, they provide a wealth of information.

Surviving a Storm at Anchor by noted author Tom Neale is a comprehensive look at the techniques and equipment needed to safely ride-out a storm. It covers topics every boater should be familiar with, such as anchor selection and how many to set, the importance of the rode, foredeck gear, chafe protection, reducing windage and storm hole selection. The document can be downloaded at fortressanchors.com/SSA.pdf.

A Safe Anchoring Guide is an easily understood primer that guides the reader through the fundamentals of anchoring and creating a storm anchoring plan. It’s available online in an animated format or for download at fortressanchors.com/resources/safe-anchoring-guide.

Manufactured in the USA of marine-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy, Fortress Marine Anchors are adjustable for specific seabed conditions. Incredibly efficient, the 69 lb. FX-125 model was chosen as the primary anchor for the US Coast Guard’s 154′ Sentinel-class of cutters. It offers eight models for recreational and commercial vessels.

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Want more? Southern Boating has tons of additional anchoring tips.

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