Uflex Paddle Trim and Barker Boatworks

The view from a Barker Boat using the Uflex Paddle Trim system

The Uflex Paddle Trim System is changing the game.

Uflex’s innovative trim system is similar to paddle shifters in high-end sports cars. Multiple options are available for controlling the engine trim and tilt, trim tabs, jack plates, and other onboard systems. The Uflex Paddle Trim system offers captains full control while out on the water and has recently been adopted by Barker Boats.

The Paddle Trim system is a useful tool for boaters, especially sport fishermen; the system is helpful when cruising to favorite fishing spots. Similar to the paddle trim seen in cars, the Uflex system allows the captain to control his engine trim while in shallow waters or trim tabs while up on plane. The system enables users to focus more on fishing and put less effort into maneuvering his vessel.

Many high-end boat support Uflex Paddle Trim, such as Barker Boatworks–creator of specialty fishing boats.

At the 2015 Miami Boat Show, Barker Boatworks gave the Paddle Trim system a try and was featured on Barkers first ever boat, HULL #1, released at the show. That Paddle Trim system was a prototype, but Kevin Barker, the founder of Barker Boatworks, knew right away it was a system worth using.

Three years later, Barker Boatworks is still sporting the Paddle Trim. Barker Boats cruise the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, the shorelines of Texas and everywhere in between.

A comment Barker Boatworks often receives from their customers is how much they love the Paddle Trim System. “We will absolutely be continuing to use the Uflex Paddle Trim in our boats”, says Kevin Barker. “We only put the best in our boats.”

Together Uflex and Barker Boatworks create an ultimate experience for their customers to enjoy cruising, fishing, and time on the water.


6442 Parkland Drive, Sarasota, Florida 
Ryan Albers ralbers@uflexusa.com
Kirsten Corssen – Kirsten@socialnavigator.net

Barker Boatworks 

7910 25th Ct E #115, Sarasota, FL 34243, USA
Kevin Barker – Kevin@barkerboatworks.com

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