Simrad Products

Simrad Products

Anglers can count on better fishing fortunes with technologically advanced Simrad Products.

Never in the history of man have there been so many advances in technology that enhance our lives and the activities we enjoy, including fishing. The world’s most active sportfishing enthusiasts demand products that give them the competitive edge, and Simrad® has consistently responded to the call with marine electronics that outperform the competition. Now, with Simrad’s latest multifunction display (MFD), anglers benefit from a new generation of functionality and ease of use for offshore performance.

Simrad NSS evo3
The NSS evo3 series combines styling, technology and performance with an unprecedented level of built-in functionality. Features include advanced SolarMAX™ HD screens, dual channel CHIRP, glass-helm design, and refined user interface, plus a host of premium features and direct connections. “Simrad NSS evo3 multifunction displays add another chapter to our rich heritage of producing the best recreational navigation systems,” said Leif Ottosson, CEO of Navico. “With premium SolarMAX HD displays, dual channel CHIRP and Network Dual Sounder technology, we are confident NSS evo3 displays will be the first choice of boaters and sport fishermen worldwide.”

NSS evo3 series’ models are offered in 16-, 12-, 9-, and 7-inch TouchSensible™ touchscreens, with keypad and rotary-control knobs, making the units simpler to operate when the boat is moving and in all weather conditions. The precise and reliable interface offers expanded scrolling functionality for quicker access to networked technologies; restyled Exit, Power and MOB buttons that are moved to the corners of the keypad for easier access in darkness; a menu button and cursor-scrolling keypad grouping for simple and fast operation when users lock-out the touchscreen; and a programmable WheelKey button that can be customized to serve a variety of personalized functions or direct autopilot control. The new touchscreen software adds easy-to-understand, modernized bridge-control modes and panel access, a unique press-and hold cursor function and a simple sonar improvement that allows the user to always see the most recent sonar data.

Furthermore, Simrad SolarMAX HD display technology provides exceptional clarity in direct sunlight as well as low-light environments. The NSS evo3 displays feature the
most advanced in-plane switching (IPS) screens in the marine industry for superior color accuracy and enhanced viewing, and optimized LED backlighting and contrast levels further improve the boater’s ability to see clearly in virtually all on-the-water conditions. Perhaps even more important, the touchscreen performs accurately under constant sea spray and foul weather; even when covered in fresh or salt water, the touchscreen responds, a factor that is most reassuring whether near or offshore.

CHIRP enables wide-angle and deep-view sonar images from the same transducer (with a dual channel CHIRP sonar transducer installed on the boat) or from multiple installed transducers. The NSS evo3 built-in dual channel CHIRP sonar is the evolution of practicality, purpose-built to equip charter captains, tournament anglers and recreational fishing enthusiasts with unprecedented views of both low and high CHIRP channels at the same time so that fish targets are marked more clearly.

Non-fishing cruisers also benefit from the NSS evo3 technology since it provides next-generation connected vessels with a fast, 10 Hz internal GPS antenna, full autopilot
integration, engine monitoring interfaces, and TripIntel™ trip computer, which simplify journey planning. Built-in Wi-Fi enables access to GoFree® online services to download software updates and purchase a wide choice of global cartography solutions, and delivers smartphone monitoring and tablet control to extend the display’s reach well beyond the helm. With GoFree® wireless capabilities and the new Simrad Network Analyzer Service Assistant, users easily update their entire system automatically.

NSS Evo3 is compatible with the most expansive selection of optional cartography on the market, including Insight Genesis™ custom mapping, Insight PRO by C-MAP, Lake
Insight HD by C-MAP, C-MAP MAX-N+, Navionics®, and more. Charts can be downloaded over Wi-Fi or installed using the unit’s dual microSD card slots.

Simrad® S5100 High-Performance CHIRP Sonar Module

Simrad delivers high-resolution sonar across multiple depth ranges in its new S5100 High-Performance CHIRP Sonar Module, making it a perfect fit for offshore sportfishing anglers. The S5100 delivers true simultaneous coverage of up to three different depth ranges, whether connected to three single-channel transducers or one dual-channel and one single-channel transducer.

Simultaneous split-screen viewing capability puts anglers in complete control of the water column, and advanced processing technology allows fishing with noise-free clarity at all depth ranges without ever losing bottom depth tracking. Users can customize their viewing to mix and match favorite transducer coverage and transmit power for wide and narrow beamwidths to reveal more fish, detect small and tightly-spaced fish and identify thermoclines.

Using the Simrad S5100 with Airmar® wide-angle CHIRP transducers provides enhanced coverage of the upper water column, a perfect set up for targeting pelagic species. Wide-angle transducers are also useful in shallow water, where traditional narrow beam angles offer limited bottom coverage. A wider coverage area speeds searches and makes individual fish targets easier to see.

“The Simrad S5100 sonar module brings a new level of high-performance sonar to offshore sportfishing anglers with greater detail and resolution,” said Ottosson. “We are excited to add this serious fishing tool to integrate with Halo Radar, our new autopilot line and the NSS evo3 for when your living depends on finding fish.”

The S5100 features high-speed Ethernet connectivity, making it easy to install anywhere on board and is compatible with Simrad NSS evo3 and NSS evo2 multifunction displays, NSO evo2 glass-bridge systems and the S2000 series of fishfinders.

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By LN Evans, Southern Boating, November 2017

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