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Garmin fitness tracker

Garmin Activity Tracker

Powerful Night Vision


Boat gadgets come in all shapes and sizes. New products enter the market daily. You can count on Southern Boating to keep you updated on the newest gadgets for boating.
The CMCE-25 will help with lightning suppression on your boat

Lightning Suppressor

While cruising and encountering a storm, being protected from lightning will save your instruments. EMP Solutions’ newest lightning suppressor, CMCE-25, protects a boat up...
Antispill Wine Glasses

Royal Stabilis Antispill Wine Glasses

Royal Stabilis Antispill Wine Glasses remove the need for cup holders on your boat. The set of four lead-free crystal glasses are integrated with magnets and...

Docktail Bar

Set up your bar just in time for happy hour without the worry of spilling drinks with Docktail Bar. Pick from a variety of...

Aquatic AV BlueCube Media Player

Aquatic AV BlueCube Media Player is designed to be installed completely hidden and out of sight. The BlueCube features a USB connection for playback...
an image of boats in a harbor

Onboard Necessities

There are some items you just NEED to have onboard. Some are for your safety, while others are for your sanity. Whatever the case, they...


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