Five Favorite Fishing Gadgets for Summer

Five Favorite Fishing Gadgets for Summer

To us, the ultimate summer vacation involves a day spent on the water. So without further ado, our five favorite fishing gadgets for summer.

When the water gets warm and the boat is calling, you go fishing. Here are Southern Boating’s five favorite fishing gadgets for summer. What are your favorite fishing gadgets? Let us know!

iosso live well cleanerIosso Live Well Cleaner not only cleans but also removes the stains and smells in livewells, fish boxes, coolers, refrigerators, and more. It’s chlorine-free, biodegradable and doesn’t change the pH factor, so it’s fish safe.

MSRP $5.95 for four ounces

Quick Cleat Portable Rod Holder Fender Cleat incorporates an innovative no-knot, Rod Holder Quick Cleatrotary cam design to add fenders when a fixed cleat isn’t available. Made with stainless steel (or chrome for fresh water) and available for 0-, 15- and 30-degree holders, the cleat handles lines up to a half inch.

MSRP $99



Buff HeadwearKeep your head and neck protected from the sun with BUFF Headwear tubular, multifunctional headwear incorporating state-of-the-art fabric technologies. Ten new patterns from the Guy Harvey collection don the latest Buff Headwear that blocks 95 percent of harmful UV rays, dries quickly and wicks moisture with its COOLMAX PRO fabric, and resists odors with the Polygiene treatment.

MSRP $25

13 Fishing’s Concept Z Reel is constructed with Concept Zero Bearing polymer z casting reeltechnology (no ball bearings), which eliminates corrosion, requires no maintenance or lubrication and provides exceptional casting control and distance. Built specifically for the saltwater angler, the Concept Z utilizes a 22-lb. Bulldog Drag system with Japanese Hamai cut gearing.

MSRP $200

Eartec-UltraLITEEartec’s Ultrapak Beltpack transceiver enables fishing teams to communicate with each other while on the move by using Eartec’s UltraLITE self-contained headset for hands-free talking. Eartec’s system is the secret weapon that gives teams the competitive edge needed for landing trophy-worthy monsters.

MSRP starts at $384


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