U.S. Atlantic

U.S. Atlantic
Find upcoming events from Maine to Florida, along with detailed destination reviews of major hubs and lesser-known small towns. If you’re looking for the best cruiser resources, you’ve come to the right place. Each month, Southern Boating posts Regional Reports that cover the Atlantic Coast in detail. Chesapeake, Southeast Seaboard, the Carolinas, and down to Miami, Southern Boating keeps you updated on marinas, events and the resources you’ll need to successfully navigate the U.S. Atlantic.

Annapolis, Maryland

Aside from having a boatload of historical colonial charm, Annapolis is blessed with an abundance of everything cruisers treasure. It’s late in the afternoon near the...
Fishing with Veterans

Fishing with Veterans

Fishing with Veterans just got easier, thanks to a Virginian family. Virtually indestructible and capable of running in a foot of water, a new boat...

Coastal town turns into a movie set.

You never know whom you might run into in downtown Brunswick, Georgia. This past fall, a downtown street became Prohibition-era Ybor City, Florida, for...
pirate month

Pirate Month in the Carolinas

“ARRGUST” is pirate month in the Carolinas with numerous buccaneer festivals to enjoy. Historically, North Carolina was the operating base for many privateers-turned-pirate. The Beaufort Pirate Invasion in Beaufort,...
Beaufort Water Festival

Beaufort Water Festival

THERE ARE FESTIVALS TO CELEBRATE LOCAL CULTURE, history, music, art and sports, and then there is the Beaufort Water Festival, which rolls all of...


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