Day Three: Anegada Island

Today, we cruised to the island of Anegada, whose highest point on the island is only 28 feet and has a population of only 250 people. Upon arriving we were greeted by several dinghy boats driven by locals, serenading and promoting their many services including dinner reservations, taxi cabs, fishing charters, and nightly entertainment. Each local was more creative than the next in trying to score our business. The one that stuck out the most was Sacko Sam (“with a capital S,” he says) as he approached the boat singing his own made up tunes to what a beautiful morning it was! He arranged for a taxi ride to take us from his restaurant to Loblolly Beach (north shore of the island), which boasts the best snorkeling on the island. We opted for the more local spot and were brought to Flash of Beauty Beach—a shack like building/restaurant run by a woman from Trinidad. Our taxi driver was very engaging and knowledgeable. He gave us a bit of a history lesson on our ride to the beach, showed us the local flamingos, wild goats, cows, and where sharks come to give birth. He was filled with fun facts! Did you know that certain fibers extracted from the leaves of an agave plant can be used to stitch your sail or even your skin? Fun facts aside, the snorkeling was amazing as strong currents kept us on the move allowing us to see a good portion of the reef.

Dinner gets it’s own paragraph because the entire experience was that spectacular! We decided to eat at Potter’s by the Sea, which is where Sacko Sam prepared a fabulous lobster dinner for 10. The lobsters are unlike any other I’ve ever seen before for consumption (especially in the United States). Sam brought what looked like an 8-10 pound lobster to tease us for what we were in store for at dinner. The meal was prepared Caribbean-style complete with grilled lobsters prepared a la Sam. After dinner, dancing under the stars and limbo began. Before departing Anegada we left our mark at Potter’s, southern boating style, leaving behind our vacation shirt and signing our names with Sharpies! So, bring your sharpies and leave your mark too!

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