Caribbean Marine Parks

underwater marine parks

Caribbean marine parks that fall below the hurricane belt should be high on your list to visit this season.

September is the height of the hurricane season in most of the Caribbean. Storms are a low risk in southern Caribbean islands such as Grenada, Tobago, and Bonaire, located at or below the hurricane belt or south of 12° latitude. It’s here that cruisers will find safe anchorages, capable yards and nautical attractions like marine parks.

In Grenada, for example, sightsee below the seas via guided snorkel trips at the Underwater Sculpture Park, where life-sized human sculptures made out of concrete and rebar serve as artificial reefs. These works of art are located in the Moliniere-Beausejour Marine Protected Area.

The Buccoo Reef Marine Park in Tobago is one of the most beautiful and accessible coral reefs in the Caribbean. The brain, staghorn, star, and elkhorn coral communities here are alive and healthy. Daily tours to the reef are available aboard glass-bottom boats.

In Bonaire, the numbers speak for themselves at the Bonaire National Marine Park: more than 350 fish species, 86 dive sites and nearly 60 tony and soft corals. SCUBA diving with local dive operators is a great way to see this very healthy marine park, which has a strict no-anchor policy.; 

By Carol Bareuther, Southern Boating Magazine September 2017


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