Kadey-Krogen 58 EB Boat Test

The Krogen 58 Is Ready for Your Adventure of a Lifetime

The Krogen 58 EB is the embodiment of beauty and function. Comfortable, capable, safe and sure, her Pure Full Displacement hullform and superior-quality materials and systems result in an unrivaled passagemaker in this size range. While many builders today focus on building much larger yachts in the 70-foot-plus market, Kadey-Krogen Yachts has made the deliberate business decision to concentrate its decades of experience on significant passagemakers like the 58. As a result, their customers will find a bluewater cruiser easily piloted and handled by two people without the need for additional crew. Yet the yacht is set up to accommodate a large family ready to go off the beaten path. Are you ready to start your journey?

Krogen 58 Design & Engineering

Like all Kadey-Krogen models, the 58 seamlessly blends design, systems, and comforts. And we don’t see these as autonomous endeavors. For example, on a passagemaker it is preferred that the living quarters that will see significant use while on passage are concentrated in the most comfortable portion of the boat should heavy weather be encountered. Note the location of the 58’s pilothouse and galley area. This also benefits the design and weight distribution allowing an easy motion into a head sea. The deep forefoot and rounded entry of the 58 ensure there is no pounding at all. It’s a soft, easy entry into even large seas.

Furthermore, the weight distribution complemented by the underbody shape eliminates any tendency for the Krogen 58 to produce any type of pitching motion. A better and easier motion through the seas not only means a less tired crew, but it also results in a more efficient passage.

  • 1,810 gal. fuel capacity (single engine)
  • 1 x 325-bhp John Deere diesel
  • Twin John Deere diesels are optional
  • 12mm tempered glass windows throughout
  • Fuel polishing system
  • Wing-stations with engine and thruster controls
  • All fiberglass surfaces are ground smooth and then painted


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