Duffy 29H

Duffy 29H

Duffy hulls have been wholly proven over the years. Often described as boats with great seakeeping abilities, this line of lobster-boat-inspired cruisers is built by the Atlantic Boat Company of Brooklin, Maine, although it owes its name to the firm Duffy and Duffy Custom Yachts, which constructed the boats up until 1995. Customers range from commercial fishermen to liveaboard cruisers, and many Duffy models are built to meet a buyer’s specific requirements.

This new 29H is based on the Duffy 26, but the hull has been extended and outboards have replaced the inboard engine. The result is a larger cockpit since the engine box has been removed along with the convenience and efficiency of outboard propulsion. The hull design remains essentially the same, with a deep forefoot at the bow that offers a soft entry and a modified keel and lifting rails to provide a planing stern. Available with single or twin outboards, the 29H offers the same soft ride as the 26 at cruising speeds of 18 to 28 knots. It can serve as either a great runabout or an overnighter cruiser as there’s a fully enclosed cabin with V-berth and optional enclosed head. Base price is attractive at $169,000. atlanticboat.com

By Jeanne Craig, Southern Boating August 2013

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