Midnight Express 43 Carbon Edition

an image of Midnight Express 43 Carbon Edition

Midnight Express 43 Carbon Edition

The Midnight Express 43 Carbon Edition is all carbon fiber.

Although not the first carbon fiber center console by Midnight Express, the 43 Open Carbon Edition that launches this month is a special one. The full carbon-fiber model will have five Mercury outboard motors.

Combine this power with the lightweight construction that saves 2,500 pounds over the previous version, and you have a stiffer hull that punches through rough water at higher top speeds—approximately 8 to 10 mph over her predecessor.

That means it’s possible to nudge 100 mph on this new boat, which is a hair-raising proposition. As with all Midnight Express models, this one is fully customizable with personalized flooring, interior cabin layouts, extra fuel tank capacity, and variable seating options. The Miami-based builder offers models 34 to 60 feet in length, and if you want to be noticed when you arrive, a fully carbon center console on steroids is not a bad way to go.

43′ LOA, 12’6″ Beam


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