Invincible 35 Catamaran

an image of the Invincible 35 Catamaran

Invincible 35 Catamaran

Invincible Boats adds its new 35-foot catamaran to the 2019 lineup.

The Morrelli & Melvin-designed Invincible 35 Catamaran center console is the eighth model overall and the third in the catamaran line. Multiple engine packages include twins from various manufacturers, but a quad configuration will also be available.

To eliminate negative trim or ballast, each option is balanced and maintains a perfect running angle. Separate coffin boxes will remain standard as on the larger 40-foot model; however, there will be an option for an integrated console coffin as well as additional seating choices.

Invincible’s patent-pending, hybrid, semi-asymmetric, multihull design is more maneuverable with steady “lean-in” turns at a range of speeds. This enhances stability and safety beyond traditional hull designs. The 35-foot cat purportedly provides more space than a 39-foot monohull on its single-level deck, which is sure to enhance its fishability.

35′ 11″ LOA, 11′ 10″ beam


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