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Cobia Boats

In the 26 to 34 foot range, Cobia Boats are the top-selling center consoles in the county.

Surprised? Spend any time on a new Cobia and you’ll see and feel why it’s the top-selling brand. Each model is crafted with an explicit goal in mind. Whether you’re looking for a center console for fishing, a family day cruiser, a bay boat or a dual console, Cobia Boats has a perfect model that will suit your needs without compromising space or speed.

With smart designs, build quality second to none, and tournament-grade performance, there’s no better lineup of center consoles that mesh family comfort and fishing smarts. Do yourself a favor this boat show season and take the opportunity to step aboard a new Cobia. You’ll quickly see why Cobia is changing the game in center consoles.

Comfort  & Stability

Cobia hulls are designed for peak running performance, comfort and efficiency. Forward bow entries extend running surfaces to utilize nearly the full length of the boat, meaning a more stable and comfortable rude,

Intuitive Layouts

Deck layouts depend on the model, but all are designed as ‘smart layouts’, which means spacious decks, items within reach, and intuitive layouts. This all lends nicely to watersports or fishing, as does the ample freeboard. Helm and dash vary from by model,  but all electronics and inputs are clearly labeled as such, making upkeep and maintenance a breeze.

Take the Cobia 320CC, for example. 320 CC is a spacious fishing platform with a range that can still be easily trailered to fishing tournament locations or inland lakes. Twin 35-gallon pressurized livewells, more than enough tackle storage, and holders for more than 20 rods mean you’ll be ready when you reach the long-distance fishing grounds where the big ones are biting.

See how Cobias set themselves apart in construction, quality assurance, and performance, in their expansive video gallery with videos on everything from exactly how we laminate our boats (No Wood!), to the proper layout for a family friendly center console to detailed model walkthroughs. You’ll be impressed!

Check out Cobia’s video lineup and see for yourself.


Erin Brennan, Southern Boating March 2019

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