Buddy Davis 42 Center Console

Buddy Davis 42 Center Console

Buddy Davis 42

Davis Yachts debuts a serious fishing vessel with clean, classic lines and impressive performance.

A single glance at the new 2017 Buddy Davis 42 Center Console reveals a yacht that holds true to the traditional Davis pedigree. This venerable, well-respected brand, part of the New Jersey-based Egg Harbor Yacht Group, has steadily carved out space for itself within the custom-built boating market. The 42 CC is the latest addition to a lineup that includes four center consoles that begin at 28 feet. A component of the appeal of Davis builds, apart from their notorious strength and performance, is that they are all manufactured in a single factory located in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey. A streamlined, horizontally integrated construction process translates to boats that are designed, built, finished, and outfitted all in the same location for production consistency rarely found in other boats at this range.

Davis hulls are recognized by their Carolina flare, which gives the Buddy Davis 42 CC a narrow front that provides better piercing through water, keeps spray to a minimum and provides additional buoyancy for a dry ride. “One walk down a dock with 100 sportfishing boats and you can easily pick out a Davis. It’s simply beautiful to look at from any angle,” says Dr. Ira Trocki, owner of the Davis brand and adds that Davis hulls are known for their legendary ride. Indeed, a substantial keel and skeg prevent wandering and pounding; the boat easily slices through waves and tracks effortlessly. A 24-degree deep-V hull works to soften seas once offshore, but also provides a modest amount of draft that will give returning crew confidence at inland ports.

Performance Plus

The 42 CC shares its hull with the already successful 28 and 34 center console but boasts an all-new custom deck and helm. “True to the Davis pedigree, hulls are laid up with only solid fiberglass below the waterline, with various composite core materials used in the hull sides, deck, superstructure, and interior to gain strength and stiffness while reducing weight gain. A new Davis Yacht will represent all the style, detail and engineering of a custom yacht with all the benefits of intelligent production,” said Bob Weidhass, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Egg Harbor Yacht Group. A wide 12’ 6” beam allows for a roomy helm area packed with creature comforts that you won’t find on other bare bones, fishing-first type center consoles. Well thought-out details, such as cooling cup holders in the helm, can be appreciated by the captain and crew alike.