New Boats


jupiter 41 overhead


Reach down and push the starter button on your boat and, frankly, it’s no big deal.

Reach down, push a second starter button, and it’s just another day on the water.

Reach down a third time, push yet another button, and it’s a big deal. A very big deal.

Lighting the fires on three 350-hp Yamaha outboards is an experience that few boatowners will enjoy, unless, of course, they own a Jupiter 41 Sport Bridge, and then it’s going to be a great day on the water. Can’t quite grasp the concept? Imagine holding the reins to more than 1,000 horses and then snapping a whip and yelling, “Yee-haw!” Get the picture?

The Jupiter 41 SB is the result of buyers asking Jupiter for an enclosed bridge yacht that would offer deluxe amenities

combined with dependable and powerful Yamaha outboard power but without sacrificing any of what we call “fishability.” Jupiter’s 39 Express has been replaced by this new flagship for the Palmetto, Florida, builder.

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