Bahamas Update




In the early hours of the New Year well before the sun rises the Junkanoo Festival in Nassau will make its route along Bay Street to entertain the throngs of locals and tourists that gather to witness this annual tradition. Outside of Nassau there are Junkanoo parades in Freeport and many of the Out Islands celebrating the heritage with Bahamian Junkanoo music and colorful costumes. For details about where the different parades will be taking place contact the Bahamas Tourism Office at (242) 322-7501.

For the brave souls who dare to swim in the January winter waters of the Bahamas there will be a Polar Bear Swim on New Years day on Paradise Island. To make the waters icy there will be some large cubes added. For those not willing to brave the ‘icy waters’ there will be a beach party to cheer on the swimmers. Call (242) 322-6504

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