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Your Pig Pictures

Once again, the readers of Southern Exposure DELIVERED. Thank you all so much for the pictures and videos of the famous swimming pigs. I had a blast looking through these wildly fun pig pictures and reminiscing about The Bahamas.

So without further ado, your user-submitted pig pics!

Follow the Leader

Coryne, from Intermarine, sent us the first four photos, including this dynamic duo.

Up close and personal

Coryne also sent this glamour shot.

Hate to see you go, love to watch you leave

“As a boat dealer every year we organize trips with our customers to explore different areas of the Bahamas,” said Coryne.

Taking a Dip

“The Exumas was our destination two years ago and we did enjoy swimming with the pigs.”

Come on aboard

“The Exumas remain one of my favorite places on earth- but for the unbelievably gorgeous islands, not because of the pigs!” — Ann Crumpton, Alabama.

Four’s a Crowd.

“Been there, done that,” said Capt. Mitchell of the s/v Vela Navis.

Missed Opportunity

“Too bad no one thought of making t-shirts,” continued Captian Mitchell. ” I would have bought one!”

Real Food

Winston from Southeast Salty Cruisers says, “It was so sweet, that after all the tourists get through feeding their leftovers, the piggy kiddos know where the real food is, with Mom!”


Tony Ludovico, artist and conservationist, sent us this unique image.

Does this angle make me look fat?

Does this angle flatter my snout? Thanks to Robin Chesnie of Slipins for this image.

Hungry Pig

This little guy will need to eat a lot more to catch up to his island companions! Another fun shot from Robin of Slipins.

Gimme five

High-fives all around! Another shot from Robin.


Thanks again to all who submitted photos!