Harbor of Spies

This is an image of the historical non-fiction novel Harbor of Spies, by Robin Lloyd.

The historical thriller Harbor of Spies is set in Havana during the height of the American Civil War.

Slave trading, spies around every corner, blockade running and a black cat that brings good luck. Those are just some parts of the Harbor of Spies.

Everett Townsend is a young sailor from Maryland born to a Cuban mother with a secret past. Townsend is ejected from the US Naval Academy, so he takes a position first mate position on a commercial ship headed to Havana. When his captain is knocked overboard and drowned during a menacing storm, he must take the helm and guide the boat and her crew safely to Cuba.

Harbor of Spies is a rich portrait of Spanish colonial Havana. In an era when the city was flush with sugar wealth and filled with international intrigue, the major powers battled over the future of slavery. Incorporating real events into this engaging thriller – and the real, unsolved murder of George Backhouse – author Robin Lloyd illuminates Cuba’s singular role in the Civil War. Lloyd’s unparalleled knowledge of maritime history brings to life a forgotten epoch of American history when scores of blockade running ships tried and often succeeded in running the gauntlet of the Union blockade from Havana into the Gulf of Mexico.

About the Author

Robin Lloyd is the author of Rough Passage to London, a seafaring suspense novel set in the 19th century. Lloyd was a foreign correspondent for NBC News for many years. He reported from Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Africa. He also covered the White House during the Reagan and Bush administrations. Lloyd has created and produced news programs and documentaries for a variety of stations and networks. Among his prestigious awards are four Emmys from the National Capital Chesapeake Bay region and an Overseas Press Award. He and his wife divide their time between Chevy Chase, Maryland, and Maine.

AUTHOR: Robin Lloyd
ISBN: 978-1493032266
PRICE: $24.95

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