Join the AIS Social Network

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are popular because many people are joining and using these social networks, and that’s exactly why AIS (Automatic Identification System) is becoming more relevant for recreational boaters. Once you join the “network,” your chartplotter or radar screen comes alive with information about the other AIS-enabled vessels around you.

Some information is fun, like knowing boats nearby are named Jumpin’ Jack Splash or Patriot Misshull. But the more important information, such as knowing other boats’ proximity to your vessel and their compass headings, is also displayed.

When AIS first came out in 2002, it was mandated for ships more than 300 gross tons to use a Class A type AIS transceiver for international travel. Then in 2006, the AIS standards committee published the Class B type AIS transceiver specifications, designed to enable a simpler and lower-cost AIS device.