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Onboard Storage Solutions for Your Boat

Onboard storage solutions can be a real space saver. Say that five times fast.

Get creative with these onboard storage solutions for your boat.

Storage space is at a premium on a boat, and your annual haul out is an ideal time to add new storage solutions or customize existing areas. If your boat’s interior seating is
well past its lifespan, consider utilizing hinged seat cushions that lift up for customized storage areas beneath. Just be careful not to fill up your newfound storage with items you
don’t really need. (See the article in this section, “Lose the Weight” ) The first step is to evaluate your storage needs based on how you typically use your boat. Avid anglers, for example, may want customized storage for their rods, reels, lures, assorted tackle, and anything else they prefer to store aboard rather than carting it to and from the car each fishing trip.

Go shallow

If all you need is a few inches of height for items like fishing rods, consider a pull-out drawer at the base of your settee or under the dining area, which offers large width and depth. Another shallow-height option is in a stateroom with stacked bunks. Ask your yard to raise the upper bunk several inches and add hydraulic lift supports and hinges to easily access a 3 to 4-inch-high storage space underneath.

Small but useful

With a little ingenuity, even the smallest areas can be used to store items that would otherwise be cluttering the common areas. Using store-bought supplies (3M Command plastic hooks, small suction cups, Velcro, see-through plastic organizers, etc.) consider how best to use these underutilized spaces:

In plain sight

Sometimes, additional storage solutions for your boat are right under your nose! Or under the table. If your dining table or salon side tables are free-standing, swap out the solid base or legs for a custom hollow base that has drawers or shelves to store glassware, liquor or wine; you’re limited only by your imagination. If your boat has steps that haven’t been designed to utilize as storage space, doing so may only require a simple modification. Ask your yard to determine if this is an option.

Pack light!

When you invite non-boating guests for a day or weekend, consider the size of your boat and available room to store their bags and gear. Make sure you inform them of all the items they should not bring.

By L.N. Evans, Southern Boating Magazine March 2018

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