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Trailering Don’ts

There are a few constant trailering do’s. But there are far more trailering don’ts.

Trailering a boat is more popular than ever. But there are some things to be concerned with if towing a trailer. Of course, number one is safety. Additionally, that means not just the trailer, boat, and vehicle, but those around you.

Stay safe out there!

A few amusing trailering don’ts:

From the Abbotsford Police Department:

Balanced on pallets, straps held together with duct tape, no brakes, homemade third axle. Just a few of the many things wrong here.


Oh, the irony! “I was actually sitting on my front porch, working on the list of five boat-trailering tips to offer you in this column, when the sound of aluminum clattering in pavement caused me to look down the block.”

From Nautic Expo

Something is amiss here…