Top Fighting Chairs

Top Fighting Chairs

An image of a man and his dog fishing with a fighting chair
Fish on! This dude should use his fighting chair if he wants to land the big one!

Whether you fish for sport or tournaments, a solid platform helps land the trophies. Check out the top fighting chairs in the industry.

When you’re battling a big fish, the fighting chair is your link to the boat. It provides comfort and leverage when the struggle is long and the angler is weary. Fighting chairs, which were originally constructed from steel, are still as popular when they were when heavy-tackle sportfishing first took off.

Technological improvements have introduced materials such as fiberglass, aluminum, and carbon fiber. However, the most popular chairs still utilize teak and stainless steel. Some chairs are designed for fighting the world’s largest gamefish, such as marlin, which can top 1,500 pounds.

On boats with limited space, smaller chairs or leaning posts can alleviate the pressure and fatigue of standing in the fight. Regardless of size, fighting chairs help anglers enjoy the experience and clear the way for deckhands to assist in the battle. Here’s a look at the top fighting chairs and the unique features they offer, including a vintage series of chairs that hearken back to yesteryear.

Bluewater Chairs

Go big or go small with either the Large Marlin Chair or the smaller Battle Station. Bluewater Chairs—founded in 1987 by Tom Ackels in Fort Lauderdale, Florida—offers these two distinct models among its product lineup. The Large Marlin Chair is a fully featured chair built of Burmese teak and stainless steel and comes with a lifetime structural guarantee. These top fighting chairs offering mirror-polished stainless-steel legs with a teak footrest, padded arms, and solid backrest, the chair keeps you locked in. A high-tech bearing swivel system allows for freedom of movement, and additional features include fail-proof cast gimbals, boltless rod holders and one-piece working tray with rocket launchers. All chairs are built by hand and can be customized to meet exact specifications. The scaled-down Battle Station is for smaller boats, where the combination of a rocket launcher and a fighting chair is needed in a tight space.