Nonpareil storage solution for your fishing rods

Give your finest fishing rods the same TLC at home that you reserve for them on your boat. The Cobra Garage Storage Rack uses your garage door as storage—a unique solution to keep your rods from being stacked up in a corner room, occupying precious space and risking damage. The Cobra rack is designed to easily clamp to a standard 21″ garage door panel, clears the hurricane/wind restraint bar and installs in minutes. Each assembly pair can hold up to 10 lbs. The assembly, made of high strength ABS manufactured in Florida, can also be hard mounted to the garage door panels or to walls and ceilings. The adjustable assembly fits the length of the equipment being stored from long beach surf rods, river rods and even garden tools. Store your rods in a safe and easy-to-access location keeping them readily available when the urge to catch that big one arises. Racks are available in 21″ (holds six rods) or 18″ (holds five rods). MSRP $30;

A second view of Cobra's Rod and Reel Storage unit.
A second view of Cobra’s Rod and Reel Storage unit.

Nathalie Gouillou, March 2016 Southern Exposure

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