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Boat to Baseball

Pack your baseball glove, team shirt and cap, and plan your spring boating to coincide with spring training!

Boat owners who enjoy multiple pastimes sometimes have difficulty choosing which activity to pursue when schedules conflict. Both boating and baseball, for example, are enjoyed during the summer months, and season ticket holders are reluctant to miss out on home games.

However, if you’re a boat owner in Florida whose favorite baseball team is one of the 15 that train in Florida’s Grapefruit League, you can get an early start on the season and boat to within just a few miles of most of the ball fields used for spring training. Even if your team’s spring training ball field is in the Orlando, Florida, area—for the Atlanta Braves, Detroit Tigers and Houston Astros—the team will play as a visitor at one of the fields on the coast.

This handy B&B (boating and baseball) guide for your favorite teams provides their spring training parks in Florida and two marina options and how far from the ball park they’re located—some are even within walking distance! For complete game schedules, park and ticket information go to

BAL-Baltimore Orioles

BOS-Boston Red Sox

MIN-Minnesota Twins

MIA-Miami Marlins and STL-St. Louis Cardinals

NYM-New York Mets

NYY-New York Yankees

PHI-Philadelphia Phillies

PIT-Pittsburgh Pirates

TB-Tampa Bay Rays

TOR-Toronto Blue Jays

WAS-Washington Nationals

By Liz Pasch, Southern Boating February 2015