B&N Laundry “On the Go” Kit

B&N Laundry “On the Go” Kit offers all- natural laundry detergent, stain removers and dryer solutions—perfect for convenient onboard laundering needs. The kit includes a box of...

Buying a Boat? Dues, do’s and don’ts

Buying a boat? Your banker, attorney and insurance agent need you to come fully prepared. Purchasing a boat is not like buying a car or...
The CMCE-25 will help with lightning suppression on your boat

Lightning Suppressor

While cruising and encountering a storm, being protected from lightning will save your instruments. EMP Solutions’ newest lightning suppressor, CMCE-25, protects a boat up...
This is an image of the Chafe-Pro's new fender hook.

Chafe-Pro’s New Fender Hook

Need a New Fender Hook? Chafe-Pro's New Fender Hook is a sleek, low profile, secure method to hang fenders from the rail. Constructed with maintenance-free...

Plank Cutting Board

The Plank Cutting Board by Seth McGinn is lightweight and unbreakable, and folds to a quarter of its usable size for easy packing and...


Horizon PC65

Annual Haul Out Guide

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