Marlow Mainship 37

Marlow Mainship 37

Marlow Mainship 37
The Marlow Mainship 37 is a speedy and seaworthy trawler.

Dependable Design

The Marlow Mainship 37’s rugged construction and systems are based on proven big-yacht techniques.

David Marlow’s considerable influence is clearly evident aboard the new Marlow Mainship 37, a speedy, seaworthy trawler introduced last year. His company bought the Mainship brand in 2012 and the MM37 exhibits the Marlow design pedigree that is both easily apparent—and purposely hidden—throughout the vessel.

Some of Marlow’s good ideas you just can’t miss. For example, the MM37 features a folding stern bulkhead that drops outward toward the water or dock. This was a big hit at the 2014 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show because it was very simple to board the boat. The stern fold-down opens up the cockpit for easy access and more space, and when in the down position it makes for a nice platform to rest a chair or two. “It makes the stern more useful and offers more space to move about in the cockpit and swim platform,” says Greg Emerson, director of sales for Marlow Mainship. “It raises and lowers electrically and there’s a control station for remote operation.”

Marlow Yachts, the company David Marlow founded in 2000, rank among the most efficient and seaworthy recreational vessels on the water. When Marlow brought both Mainship and Hunter Sailboats into the fold, there was no doubt that Marlow’s ideas would make it into new builds, and that’s exactly what has happened with the MM37. The electric stern is an in-your-face feature that makes sense, but the really interesting upgrades take more investigation to discover.

For example, the Mainship 37 has a dry bilge, a concept brought over from the Marlow Yachts line. All water that accumulates inside the vessel runs to a common drain and off the boat. “Whether it is condensation, air-conditioning run off, sinks, or faucets, it all runs to this common drain,” Emerson explains. “This set of pumps (located under the forward V-berth) moves the water overboard. The mindset is that any time you have water in the bilge you are creating an opportunity for mold and mildew to grow. If the bilge stays dry you have less of an opportunity for that to happen.”

Another significant improvement that takes a little bit of looking involves the type of gelcoat used on all new 2015 Mainship models. “We changed to a better gelcoat with better production qualities, improved blister protection and less chance of cracking over time,” Emerson continues. “The new gelcoat is oyster white and you can see how much better it looks overall when comparing it to another boat.”