Hinckley Sport Boat Outboard Cruiser
400 SSC Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover

Formula 400 SSC

an image of the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence

Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence

Sport Cruisers

Sport Cruisers
Sport cruisers are built for speed, comfort, and sometimes both! Southern Boating has all the sport cruisers for you. Take a jaunt to The Bahamas or just around the bay, these boats won't let you down.
Azimut Verve 40

The Azimut Verve 40 Does It All

Part center console, part overnight cruiser, part walkaround, the new Azimut Verve 40 blends a vibrant on-deck layout and a luxurious Italian interior that’s...
Chris-Craft Catalina 34

Chris-Craft Catalina 34 Pilothouse

The new Chris-Craft Catalina 34 Pilothouse puts a premium on rugged performance and beautiful lines. The metallic mahogany-red hull on the new Chris-Craft Catalina 34...

Cobalt A40

People Pleaser Sometimes the best place on a boat isn’t behind the wheel, but stretched out on a sunpad watching the world go by—and letting...
an image of the Tiara Yachts C 49 from Southern Boating

Tiara Yachts C 49

Tiara Yachts C 49 There's a lot going on at Tiara. From the Tiara Yachts C 49 and Tiara Yachts 34 LS to the Tiara Yachts...
Mares Catamaran 47 Outboard Express

Mares Catamaran 47 Outboard Express

Mares Catamaran 47 Outboard Express The new Mares Catamaran 47 Outboard Express comes powered by four 350-hp Suzuki outboard engines that provide a top speed...


Tiara 34LX

Horizon PC65

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