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The Unseen

Bearings, belts, engine mounts, and more

I heard it first. Accustomed to the sound my diesel engines make when running properly, I could tell that something was not right. Once I shut down the starboard engine, I discovered a partially clogged primary filter. A quick element change and I was on my way.

A lot happens the moment you key the ignition. From the initial surge of electrical energy that gets things going until you shut down, a multitude of connections, gaskets, belts, pumps, pistons, switches, and many more parts are put into play in order to get your boat going.

First—listen. Know what it all sounds like when your engines operate at the proper parameters and are working the way they should be. If you become aware of a raspy or rough noise, a bad bearing just may be the cause. Have it checked and make sure the belt is at the proper tension. Take into consideration the appropriate coolant and manifold temperatures, oil pressure, rpm, exhaust water flow, color of smoke, percentage of load, and other factors critical to proper performance and safety.