DIY Workshops

DIY Workshops
If you are a DIY (Do It Yourself) boater, you’ve landed in the right place. Southern Boating is your resource for DIY articles that will help you tackles projects, no matter how big or small. Check out our library of articles on a wide range of DIY topics including: fuel storage tips, informative articles on ways to deal with corrosion, shaft seal maintenance tips, dealing with sanitation smell issues, maintaining your windlass and much more. The DIY section of Southern Boating online offers expert insight into maintaining, upgrading and fixing your boat . . . yourself. Our expert writers provide comprehensive information to help you troubleshoot problems and work toward preventing future ones. Count on Southern Boating for quality information about all things related to boating.
Installing a boarding ladder

Quick, Get Back in the Boat!

Installing a boarding ladder? If you're an avid cruiser, you'll need one! Spend time at any yacht club tiki bar and you’re bound to...
Fire Suppression System

Turn Off the Heat

Fire suppression systems designed to put out a blaze before it turns deadly. A boat fire demands quick and decisive action since even the beginnings of...
update nav lights

Is your boat’s navigational lighting up to code?

Proper navigational lighting is crucial for safe, legal boat operation at night or during times of reduced visibility. As a marine surveyor, many of...

Trailering Tips

Use these trailering tips and tow your trailerable boat to gain access to new and exciting waterways. Towing a trailerable vessel is daunting to some boating...

DIY Herb Garden

Grow a galley herb garden and liven up your onboard menus. Everyone loves an extended cruise no matter the destination. But occasionally long trips mean...