The harsh environments faced by boats in both fresh and salt water require a rigorous maintenance routine. Because of the harsh and corrosive elements, keeping up with optimal boat maintenance is a critical area that every boat owner has to pay attention to. Whether the goal is to improve performance, prevent unnecessary repair or just tweak the on water experience, boat owners are always in need of good tips and DIY project guides. Southern Boating provides a wealth of information to its readers on this important topic. The boat maintenance section of our website will provide a library of articles about all things related to maintaining your boat. It’s updated often so be sure to check back frequently.

The Southern Boating boat maintenance information has been compiled by experts on the topic and includes articles about engine types, fuel additives, generators and generator upgrades, as well as projects such as ensuring best performance of the windlass, addressing the negative effects of corrosion, and shaft seal maintenance.

Since 1973, Southern Boating has been providing quality information for boaters in the South and beyond. is the perfect place to find all the boat maintenance information you need from the boating experts for over 40 years.
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Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo 2017

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Outboard Warranties

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Miss the Engine Room!

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