Southern Atlantic Coast

Southern Atlantic Coast
Charleston Race Week

Charleston Race Week

Sailors will be hoping for fresh winds through the low country this April when the 21st Annual Charleston Race Week returns to Charleston Harbor...

March Events on the Southeast SeaBoard

The Marine Industries Association of South Florida is once again organizing the largest one-day environmental event in South Florida, The Broward County Waterway Cleanup...
Greener fresh water

Making (Green) Water

A Wilmington, NC trio is making fresh water green in an innovative way. Nature has done a pretty good job of providing water for a...
Racing, museums, feasts-- you'll find it all on the SE Seaboard

Quantum Key West Race Week

The Southeast coast is busy through the month of January! Racing, museums, and feasts: you can find them from the Florida Keys to the...
Operation Sailfish

Atlantic Coast Updates: Operation Sailfish

Sailfish Resort and Marina on Singer Island, Florida, is hosting Operation Sailfish, the opening event of the popular “Quest for the Crest” series of...