Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay
For a sailor, few experiences can compare to sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. For any boater, this is a destination that shouldn’t be missed. Steeped in history and offering a classic boating experience from Annapolis to the Eastern shore, the Chesapeake Bay is the quintessential stop on any Northeastern U.S. boating excursion. Southern Boating online dedicates a complete library of informative and entertaining articles related to the Chesapeake Bay including topics such as: fishing regulations and tournaments, the annual Annapolis Boat Show in late summer, restaurant tips—updates on marina and shipyard openings and much more. Whether you are planning a trip to the Maryland area or dreaming of the next time you’ll get to watch the sunset over the Chesapeake Bay, check out this area of our website for a wealth of great information.
March Events Eastern Seaboard

New Waterparks, Updated Dining, Fishing Tournaments

It's bound to be a busy March in the Chesapeake and North Carolina. A $46 million waterpark is being constructed in lower Currituck County, North...
boatel on the chesapeake

Boatel on the Narrows

A full-service boatel that houses approximately 400 boats is planned for 7.5 acres on the northwest quadrant of Kent Narrows, Maryland, according to meeting...
What SUP in the Chesapeake?

What SUP in the Chesapeake?

Indoor boat shows and educational courses are great activities in the winter for those of us looking forward to warmer temperatures on the Mid-Atlantic...
winter fishing

Big fish, big money

Winter fishing in the Chesapeake is a big deal.  But a bigger deal is the legal drama over who will receive $2.8 million of...

Honored guests at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

The newly opened Inn at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club on Maryland’s Kent Island offers all the pleasantries of modern, clean accommodations with a...