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They really aren’t lobster boats anymore. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine anyone pulling traps from the cockpit of a new Hinckley or a Grand Banks. For openers, you wouldn’t want to scratch the seven to nine coats of varnish on the teak. But today’s Downeast boats do all have the lobster boat heritage—the low profile, the long shear, the tumblehome, and, above all, the seakeeping ability. Today’s boats are definitely more user friendly, not only in navigation (Did a true lobsterman ever have a touchscreen chartplotter to get him home?) but in propulsion and maneuverability as well. Some are still single diesel, but many are twins and often paired to pod drives with counter-rotating props and joystick fingertip controls. Others are powered by outboards with new performance, fuel economy and low emissions. Here’s a look at some of the newest fleet of Downeast boats you’ll see at the fall boat shows.
Hinckley 34R

Hinckley 34R

The newest model from Hinckley, a 34-foot runabout, (Hinckley 34R)  is the newest in the iconic builder’s line of elegant, classic, Maine-built boats that...

Bruckmann Abaco 40

They don’t come much more traditional—or much better looking—than the Bruckmann Abaco 40, a single-diesel, straightforward, solid Downeast boat with elegant fit and finish....
Eastport 32 OBX

Eastport 32 OBX

With classic Chesapeake Bay deadrise lines, the new Eastport 32 OBX (outboard express) traces its heritage to a waterman’s working boat. But Eastport, an...

Tiara 39 – Day Boat or Cruiser

Tiara 39 Coupe delivers the best of both worlds. Elliott Key or simply cruising the ICW and stopping for lunch.” Issy Perera, president of Apex...

MJM Yachts: The World’s Most Fuel Efficient Powerboats

MJM Yachts: World’s Most Fuel Efficient Powerboats The best indicators of powerboat cruising performance are: (1) fuel efficiency expressed in nautical miles per gallon (NMPG),...