Regulator 41

Tiara Sport

Tiara debuts Tiara SPORT

Dusky 33 XF

Dusky 33 XF

Center Consoles

Center Consoles
Center Consoles are the fastest-growing segment of the marine marketplace—making the choices seemingly endless. Center Consoles are perfect for many occasions and appeal to a wide range of boaters, including the serious anglers, families, and the luxury day boater. View our library to learn more about the latest center console models and their various features.
Pursuit C 260

Pursuit C260

The Pursuit C260 measures 25 feet, 10 inches long and features a well-appointed dash that has enough room for two multi-function displays. The driver...
Bahama Boat Works 41

The New Normal – Bahama Boat Works 41

Bahama Boat Works steps it up with the Bahama Boat Works 41 that redefines what’s expected. Confession: I take advantage of nearly any invitation to...
355 LXF and 235 XSF

Scout Boats Introduces the 355 LXF and 235 XSF

Scout Boats introduces two new models 355 LXF and 235 XSF. The Miami Boat Shows mark the debut of the 355 LXF (34'11" LOA, 10'9" beam)...

Bluewater 355

The Bluewater 355 (35'9" LOA, 10' beam) is designed with the offshore angler in mind. The focus on space allocation for fishing features and...

Stuart Boatworks 26

The Stuart 26 is built at the Stuart Boatworks’ facility in Stuart, Florida. A few dozen semi-custom boats are built each year with a...


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