Chesapeake & Mid-Atlantic Report


Chesapeake 0314 Hdr

Don’t worry. The puffs of smoke wafting through airspace over the Eastport peninsula on Saturday, March 22, won’t be the result of spontaneous combustion. The smoke will emanate from the annual sock-burning event at the Annapolis Maritime Museum. Each spring equinox on Back Creek Beach on the museum grounds, the socks’ demise signals a tradition that marks the end of cold weather in the Chesapeake region. The fire ceremony originated with ancient sailors who wore socks all winter long before burning them to celebrate the welcome onset of spring’s warm weather. The self-proclaimed Maritime Republic of Eastport—a neighborhood peninsula in Annapolis—adopted the tradition and turned the sock burning into a lively festival and fundraising event. The festivities include music and sea chanteys, crafts for kids, beer toasts, and an oyster-shucking contest.