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Head space on smaller boats tend to be cramped affairs resembling an afterthought rather than an important comfort station on board. Still, having a bathroom with restricted head space is much better than nothing, and Dometic has helped both new builders and those looking to refit their boat with a versatile commode that offers a variety of installation options.

The space-saving Dometic 7100 and 7200 Series Orbit Toilets are self-contained commodes that include a macerator for pulverizing toilet waste. The series features a small footprint and the ability to rotate into the ideal position for ease in installation and personal comfort during usage. The base of the toilet can rotate hence the name Orbit (omnidirectional rotating base installation technology) and is ideally suited for boats with small head compartments. The thorough maceration improves the efficiency of pump-outs and reduces clogs, which ultimately helps boat owners avoid system problems. The Orbit won the 2013 IBEX Innovation Award for Mechanical Systems and was a nominee for the 2013 Marine Equipment Trade Show DAME Design Awards in Amsterdam. “It’s one unit that does everything,” says Manny Correa, owner of Competition Boats based in Hialeah, Florida. “I just installed it in the new Competition 31 open fisherman boat that we are delivering. It’s super simple and affordable, and versatile enough that you can use it in small spaces.”

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