Great Loop Part I – Florida to New York


The Journey &

The Destination

Helpful tips and must-see sights for cruisers

embarking on America’s Great Loop

By Risa Merl

There’s a saying, “It’s the journey, not the destination.” America’s longest inland cruise, the more than 5,000-mile Great Loop, is both. For some intrepid cruisers, it’s about the destination; the achievement of completing a route that spans anywhere from 5,400 to 7,000 miles (including side trips) and can take years to complete. For others, it’s about the journey, the beautiful blue highway, quaint towns and bustling cities along the way; Americana experienced from the deck of your boat. But for the majority of Great Loop cruisers, Loopers, if you will, it is both the journey and the destination that makes them decide to pack up the boat, hire a mail forwarder and tell friends and family, “See you next year.” Continue Reading