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Sailing Super Yacht


SAILING SUPER YACHTS are at the absolute top of the sailing yacht hierarchy. Most of the time, they are custom-made in order to satisfy the owner's every need. The only limits are the ones dictated by technical constraints, such as the inability to create sails larger than a certain size. These yachts use the most technologically advanced materials for the exterior (carbon, aluminum, etc.) and the most luxurious ones for the interior (leather, marble, etc.).

Custom made yacht


CUSTOM-MADE YACHTS allow the owner's imagination to run wild. For custom projects, designers and shipyards work hand-in-hand to bring the yacht to life. Most of the time, the owner and/or his future boat captain also continue to manage the project during construction. The whole process may take years, rather than months, as is the case for series yachts.

Displacement yachts


DISPLACEMENT YACHTS are propelled by big engines, meaning they displace huge amounts of water as they move. They are often more stable than planing ones and more comfortable for guests, since their weight counterbalances the sea's movements. By cruising slowly, they also allow for great fuel efficiency. The combination of comfort and economy makes displacement yachts the first choice for long range cruises.

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