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SE Seaboard Apr14

By December 2014, Florida Keys Marathon Airport should have a port-of-entry facility for people who travel internationally by land, air and sea. Years in the making, the facility will be a game changer for the Middle Keys airport and community. Air charter services to the Caribbean—and eventually Cuba if marine travel opens up—may be part of its future. A two-hour roundtrip bus ride for Marathon foreign arrivals would be eliminated as Key West is the only current port of entry for the Keys. Other advantages include closer proximity to The Bahamas and Miami, and a longer runway than Key West for safer jet landings. Marathon cruisers will find the well-sheltered Boot Key Harbor City Marina only two short miles from the airport.

Anchoring in Florida
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) set up a pilot program for Florida anchoring and mooring field rules in 2009. Its original deadline of January 1, 2014, has been extended to July 2014. Temporary anchoring rules were implemented in five areas and public feedback from boat and landowners is being evaluated. The rules address cruisers and community rights, plus environmental issues. The problem of derelict boats and their pump-out effects prompted the study. The new rules will pertain to full-time cruisers, not liveaboards. Temporary rules will be reviewed in July when permanent statewide rules will be decided.

Key West wrecks
The fourth and final race of Key West’s Wrecker’s Cup Race takes place April 27th. Sponsored by the Schooner Wharf Bar located downtown, the race recalls the days when boats raced to salvage wrecks near the island. Five classes including schooners, classics, mono- and multihulls compete in the “anything-butserious” race where no protests are allowed. Guests at the bar enjoy watching the race on a big-screen TV over a barbecue dinner at the end of the day.

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