Racing Roundup




Key West hails as one of the top offshore speed racing locations in the country. The 2013 Key West World Championship November 3-10 certainly lived up to that reputation as speed and adrenaline fueled intense weeklong offshore powerboat races featuring 44 registered boats competing for world titles in eight classes. The competitive classes include Superboat Unlimited, Superboat Extreme, Turbine, Superboat, Superboat Vee, Superboat Stock, Manufacturer 3, and Manufacturer 4––with the Superboat Unlimited class providing the most high-octane, amped racing on the water. The race ended on Sunday, November 10th with Marc Granet and Scott Begovich steering Miss Geico to her first Superboat Unlimited world title. In preliminary races on November 6th and 8th, Miss Geico claimed first and second place, respectively.

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