Place, People, Events June 2014


Events Marlow opr 614

by Christine Carpenter

Each year, members of the Marlow Marine Cruising Club (MMCC) swap stories and compare notes with old and new friends at the highly anticipated Marlow Spring Rendezvous. Celebrating the 19th consecutive year of festivities, guests arrived at the four-day event held April 24-27 and were greeted with a complimentary exterior boat wash accompanied by friendly and familiar faces. Sparing no detail, Marlow kicked off the weekend in grand style with a personalized tote bag gifted to members with their boat name embroidered on the front.

The premier South Seas Island Resort in Captiva, Florida, was the perfect location for MMCC members to share and celebrate aboard their Marlows during this Gatsby-themed weekend getaway. Buffet breakfasts on the immaculate waterfront lawn fueled each day’s events, such as a golf cart scavenger hunt around the resort, two half-day educational seminars with a round table discussion led by David Marlow, and six new boat christenings—a new record for this event. The newly christened vessel models included a Marlow 53, 58, 62, two 70s, and an 80. Guests welcomed new members into the Marlow family and celebrated current members trading up in size.

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