What’s New In Electronics June 2014


NewElect hdr 614

by Doug Thompson

Boating collisions are terrible events that can change lives forever, whether it’s hitting another boat, a dock or something else in the water. Thermal-imaging cameras provide the ability to “see” not only in the dark, but also through fog, smoke and dust, which helps to avoid collisions. However, the priciness of these cameras has been too expensive for most boat owners—until now.

Iris Corporation introduces the new NightRunner® Dual Payload Thermal Imaging/Daylight Color Camera. The camera’s small size (6.3 inches tall with a base diameter of 6.8 inches) allows it to fit on dashes or hardtops, and installation is made easy utilizing a single CAT5 cable for both power and data. The small size and simple installation position the technology for use on smaller center console boats and cruisers, as does the NightRunner’s price: $4,500. That price is thousands of dollars less than what competitors currently charge.

“A lot of the idea behind the design was to have the installer in mind regarding time and materials,” said Carl Hitchcock, director at Iris Corporation. “We deliver a box to the customer that has everything in it, including 60 feet of CAT5 cable, breakout adapter, power lead, and video cable. We also include a variety of video adapters to make it compatible with all the major multi-function displays like Furuno, Garmin and Raymarine. The NightRunner is controlled by its own two-axis waterproof joystick that is simple to use and feature rich.”

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