What’s New In Electronics July 2014



by Doug Thompson

SI-TEX Marine Electronics now makes it easier and more affordable for owners of small boats to install professional-grade radar. The SI-TEX T-760 Series Radar family brings the advanced features of touchscreen display, Automatic Identification System (AIS) target tracking, and 4kW power to smaller center console, cruiser and sailboat owners. The T-760 sells for $2,095, which includes the stand-alone touchscreen display and 18-inch 4kW antenna—the more powerful 4kW transmitter greatly improves the radar’s performance in poor weather conditions.

It all starts with the convenient size of the T-760’s touchscreen display—at only 8.9 inches tall and 5.4 inches wide, it allows for versatile mounting options even on small or crowded consoles and helm stations. “With the 4kW transmitter it’s an all-weather system,” says Allen Schneider, SI-TEX’s vice president of sales. “You don’t have to worry about getting caught in a rainstorm and not having the power to pick up targets, which is an issue with low-power radars. With AIS and MARPA (Mini Automatic Radar Plotting Aid), you have big radar functions you don’t normally get in a small radar option.”

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