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West Gulf Apr14

Baytown, Texas, is what developers refer to as a “bedroom community.” Many residents work at petrochemical plants along the Houston Ship Channel but prefer to live away from the bustle of industry. Originally, however, Baytown was founded around activities and livelihoods closely linked to the Galveston Bay system—shrimping, fishing, crabbing, oysters, and the commerce of boats—all of which remain important.

Something the Baytown shoreline had not offered to boat owners was a full-service marina until Bayland Marina was built at a crossroads of roadways and waterways. It is a perfect dockage for local vessels or cruisers wanting a convenient berth between voyages. While not a dockage for the hard-core offshore tournament crowd, Bayland offers a more relaxed alternative to marinas in busier locations. Despite the damage inflicted by Ike, the more inland location generally provides some protection from lesser storms.

Located just south of Interstate 10 connecting Houston and the Beaumont area, Baytown boasts excellent access to the interconnected Galveston Bay, East Galveston Bay and Trinity Bay. The entire Galveston Bay complex offers excellent fishing and cruising opportunities; powerboat enthusiasts and sailors enjoy day trips and overnighting opportunities in coves and tidal streams along the shore up to Anahuac on Trinity Bay and even into the Trinity River. More ambitious cruisers can connect with the Gulf of Mexico, or the entire Gulf Coast via the ICW.

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