Engine Room June 2014


EngineRm hdr 614

by Liz Pasch

Piano lessons… soccer games… dance recitals… orthodontist appointments…

Managing your children’s calendar can be a full-time job, not to mention coordinating your own work schedule, personal appointments, car maintenance, and household responsibilities. Add in the time required for researching, keeping track of, and scheduling service and maintenance for your boat, and there’s even less time available for boating. Megayacht owners delegate the management of those tasks to their captains, but short of hiring a crew for your cruiser, what’s the alternative?

Meet The Boat Village, an online service coordination and boat management tool that simplifies boat ownership. A free account gives you access to an online network of boat owners, marine businesses and industry experts; access to manufacturer recommendations and maintenance advice; operating tips, videos and articles; and online communities that share information regarding boat care and maintenance, and other topics of mutual interest. Upgrading to a premium subscription, says Kevin Hutchinson, founder and CEO of parent company My-Villages, is like hiring your own “digital captain,” and provides a single location from which to coordinate service and maintain electronic records of the boat’s equipment details, manuals, service history, usage trends, trip logs, and other useful information. Plus, you can access the information via any computer, tablet or smartphone device.

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