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USHarbors introduces Coastal Guide, a new iPhone App that immediately connects you to harbor details, tide charts, weather forecasts, customer ratings, turn-by-turn directions, and phone connections. Search the Coastal Guide App by keyword, category or location, and share your favorite travel discoveries via text, email or social media. Browse the best shore-side businesses in photo, list or map view, and locate harbors via exact GPS integration. FREE;







Prospec Electronics’ new Black Box combines Bluetooth® audio streaming, AM/FM radio broadcasts and portable media device hookups into one heavy-duty instrument. Black Box features an aux-in port, E-prom memory retention, USB input and control, a handheld RF transmitter, and three pairs of RCA outputs complete with a subwoofer and 4×45-watt internal amplifier with a built-in RF receiver. With U.S. and European tuning capability and two wired remote ports, conveniently connect to audio in your saloon or on deck. The box mounts separately from its faceplate with the external audio controls for easier installation in small spaces and onboard access. MSRP $299.95;





 Docking Master is a waterproof, buoyant, wireless remote control for your boat’s electronic transmission shifters, thrusters, anchor windlass, and steering pump. Coded burst signals—designed specifically for each of Docking Master’s functions—transmit instantaneously via the remote for secure docking with no interference from other devices. Completely designed and produced in the U.S., Docking Master boasts precise and reliable docking for vessels of all sizes in any weather at the touch of a button. MSRP $7,600;





SlideMoor boat docking system simplifies docking. Maintenance-free sliding bumpers attach to dock pilings and tightly secure your boat with no additional lines or fenders. The most popular docking system is SlideMoor’s 18-inch for boats 22- to 35-feet long; sizes range for power and sail boats up to 90 feet and 160,000 pounds. MSRP from $849;






The Lumiron Rondo LMT 120R-12L-T3 high-power LED light module offers dimmable light for your boat in six color options. The 1.2-inch diameter easily installs in new or existing fixtures, the LED light illuminates with less heat emissions than Halogen light, and it uses only 3 watts of power. Made in the U.S. and comes with a 3-year warranty. MSRP starts at $20;





Lumishore’s brand new underwater EOS STV 2201 Color Change System allows users to customize underwater colors, create light patterns, adjust the speed, and add sound with the DMX (sound-to-light) network capability. The System features built-in wireless to conveniently illuminate your boat from your smartphone or tablet, and the mini-jack sound-to-light interface makes the LED lights dance to your music. MSRP starts at $3,099;





Shurhold Industries introduces the Camera Adaptor, an easy-to-use device compatible with GoPro cameras and Shurhold handles to capture incredible footage while under way. Lock the Camera Adaptor into any Shurhold handle, attach your GoPro camera into the clear case, insert the screw provided, rotate the case to your desired angle, and get ready to perform. Set Shurhold’s waterproof Camera Adaptor in a rod holder to enjoy the views as you cruise, take footage of fishing action, share underwater explorations, or inspect a vessel in hard-to-reach areas. MSRP $12.95;






Sperry Topsider marries tradition and technology in its brand new Spring 2014 Performance Line with the H2O Escape Bungee water shoe. The lightweight, amphibious, performance shoe has the latest grip technology, Adaptive Wave Siping and innovative channels in the midsole and sockliner to help water escape quickly. With multiple color options for men and women, the H2O Escape Bungee aims to help you perform all day on the water. MSRP $90;


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