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In the continuous quest to make marine components more efficient and environmentally friendly, Kohler Power Systems has updated its 40-99 kW diesel generators to be smaller, lighter and emissions compliant for today’s Tier 3 regulations. The new Kohler generators’ smaller footprint offers advantages for both OEMs and boat owners who are looking to repower. The new models also include a newly designed Kohler Decision-Maker 3500 (DEC 3500) controller equipped with paralleling software and load-management software allowing for automatic paralleling of two generators without the cost and extra footprint of switchgear.

“While load requirements have increased due to advanced electronics equipment, onboard space is still at a premium,” says Frank Formas, an international product engineer at Kohler Power Systems. “Our new paralleling controller matches power capacity with load needs to eliminate under-loading and over-fueling, while conserving space, decreasing fuel costs and reducing equipment maintenance.”

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